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A study aid and test creation program that aims to help prepare for difficult subjects, public examinations, memorization, or simply to brush up on your chosen subject:

Current politics, science, general studies.

General topics in Physics, Mathematics, Science, etc.

Public examinations, etc.

The program's engine can present questions with three, four or five possible multiple choice answers, and can grade the test taker by both answer choice and the time taken to answer.

Equally, it is possible to study for your chosen subject and have the questions and the correct answers presented in both normal or automatic mode with full control over the speed.

All the functions are presented with their default settings but are fully configurable. It is possible to print the tests out and take the exam in paper form.

You can also change, insert, copy, add questions and answers to the selected subject, or create a new one.

Like with previous programs, it is protected with a non-transferable password that is held in the registry, it is also possible to use the program on the same computer but with limited functionality.
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